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Support MB User Profile Label_submit and label_remember displaying issues

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    Resolved Simon Courtois

    Hello there ! Thank you for MB plugin which I appreciate a lot !

    I have an issue for displaying de login form.

    1) The label_submit doesn't show the label.
    2) The label_remember doesn't show the label too.
    3) The label_lost_password doesn't show anything.

    Here the shortcode I use in my page content :

    [mb_user_profile_login label_submit="Login" label_remember="Remember your login" label_lost_password="Lost password?"]

    Here the result :

    I work on localhost. The is no console error. I use a blank theme, so no additionnal css which can overide MB css.

    How can I fix it ?
    Thanks ! 🙂

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    Long Nguyen


    I'm working on localhost too, use the theme Twenty Nineteen, some attributes label_submit, label_remember and label_lost_password of the shortcode [mb_user_profile_login] work as well. Please take a look at my screen record

    Could you please try to switch to another theme then check the issue again?

    Simon Courtois

    Hi ! Thanks for your answer.

    I switch to Twenty Twenty theme, then to Twenty Nineteen, and still have the issue on both of them. And I wrote exactly the same shortcode as you did in the video.

    But, I found where the problem was. I use the Classic Editor plugin to remove Gutenberg, and there was the problem. When I switch off this plugin, it works !

    I don't know if you can fix it for a next update, but meanwhile, I won't use Classic Editor plugin anymore, even if I prefer this way of build a WordPress Page.

    Thanks for your help 🙂

    Long Nguyen


    Glad to see it works, and please take a note that the label of the login form also works with the Classic Editor, please see my screen record

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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