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    I have created this site using

    Kadence Theme & Blocks Pro​
    Metabox (alternative to ACF)

    With metabox I have created a few custom fields for user-profiles (like hobbies​, profession, school, birth etc.) and these fields can be displayed using shortcodes.

    How can I display those fields?
    How can I provide an interface to let users edit these fields?

    In the past I have already opened a ticket about this, but the poor reply was kind of "you need to program" a like … I'm not a developer and have purchased the lifetime package because I was promised that I don't need coding skills to use metabox. This is now a bit disappointing.

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    I have also tried to connect several membership plugins:

    Ultimate Member
    WP User Manager
    Profile Builder NOX
    User Registration NOX
    WP User Frontend

    and tried to configure them to display the custom fields created with metabox. It did not work and I'm now HIGHLY frustrated.

    Long Nguyen

    Hi Sascha,

    Please follow this documentation to know how to show the user meta in the form by using shortcodes

    Note: if you are using the Builder, meta-box-id is the field-group-id


    Could you please provide an integration with Ultimate Members and/or UsersWP? These are the best plugins for showing user-profiles and allow editing. The can show several user-meta fields, such as "Biography", "Gender" etc., but not from metabox.

    Or is there a way to save metabox custom fields for users as standard user-meta?

    Long Nguyen


    MB User Profile extension helps you to add the user meta on the frontend. It includes the extension MB User Meta already. Please read more on the documentation


    Hi, probably I was not able to explain the requirements properly.

    I need to display the user custom-fields which I have created with metabox in the frontend. I feel very lost from your replies.

    I also would like to display all users on one page in frontend including their metabox-custom-user-fields. How?

    Long Nguyen


    To display a user list with user meta value on the frontend, you can follow this article

    You still need basic knowledge about coding to do that. It's not possible to show anything on the frontend in a few clicks with Meta Box.

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