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Support General License key says invalid and edit/save link also broken

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    Resolved admingemo

    Hey Anh,

    MetaBox is telling me that my license key needs fixing, but I am not sure what is wrong.

    I've taken a screenshot of the nag/error message and also the MB plugins in use (some are slightly out of date but I am not able to use the auto-updater while this license key issue exists)

    click for full size

    When I try re-enter my license key (copied from my account page) in the input fields and hit 'save' - I get this error message:


    Thanks for your help!

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    Anh Tran

    Hi, please deactivate the Meta Box Updater module in AIO. It's no longer needed since the updater is merged into Meta Box.

    FYI: new version of AIO includes free extensions as well, so you might want to remove them from the plugin list.


    Thanks for your quick reply!

    For some reason I don't see the Updater module in MB AIO:

    I will also remove the free plugins, now in AIO, as advised. However not sure how to deactivate the Updater module you described?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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