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Support General License Management Questions

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    Sergio Pena


    I recently purchased the lifetime unlimited license. I am an agency owner and would like to use the licenses for my clients.

    I am a bit confused about how the license management system works.

    For example, I have a client (Client A) who has 5 websites. I have another client (Client B) who has only 1 site. Client C has 10 sites.

    I do not want my clients copying the license and getting unlimited sites. Is the license generation specific to a certain group and not affect others? Client A's license (84asdf) is limited to only 5 sites. Client B's license (99xyz) is limited to only 1 site.

    So if I generate a license key, it will not affect the other keys?

    Also, is it possible to allow organizing or at least naming the license keys to something more memorable like ( Trying to keep all the 08923ur492879898d9as8dfs keys is going to be a headache!

    Last question, say I have 10,000 (or even 1 million!) clients. Is this truly unlimited licenses?

    Thank you for your time and efforts in answering my ignorant questions!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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