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Support MB User Profile Login issue when " character is used in a password

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    Resolved HerrMoier

    I use the login form functionality of MB User Profile on a customer's website. It took me quite a while to figure, but it seems that there is a problem when a " character is used in a password.

    The form then always returns the "incorrect password" error message. I first thought it's a configuration issue but then at some point realized that it worked with another account with a different password.

    I assume that it might be related to some escaping that's done with the input/password?

    How to reproduce:
    - Add a login form with mb_user_profile_login shortcode somewhere on the page.
    - Create a test user with a simple (read: "weak") password like test123.
    - Try to login via the previously created login form.
    - Login should work as expected.
    - Change password of the test user to test123".
    - Try to login again.
    - Login results in a "wrong password" error.

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    Anh Tran

    Hi HerrMoier,

    Thanks a lot for your feedback. I've just fixed the bug in version 1.1.4. Please update. (AIO package will be updated later).

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