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Support Meta Box Group Mailto: and tel: links in Meta Box Field Group in Oxygen

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    Resolved Patrik Jansson

    Good day!

    I've tried to use clickable phone and mail links in a reapeater using the Meta Box field, but no matter what I try I am not successful in getting the mailto: or tel: link in the output.

    I've tried the same thing in a repeater without using the Meta Box Field group and email custom field type with Prepend text: mailto - then it works as expected.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    Long Nguyen

    Hi Patrik,

    Please refer to this topic to show the URL (link) field with coding

    In Oxygen builder, please contact Oxygen support to ask for help with this case.

    Patrik Jansson

    Ok the problem I am having is this:

        <button>Click me!</button>

    If I put the exact same code (changing the field url) it outputs the current page url.

    I think I am having the issue of it being inside the Meta Box Group field, located like so:

    [oxygen data='metaboxreparray' field='e_postadress_lank' repeater='personal']

    I works if I only use a plain custom field

    Patrik Jansson

    Well I see I lost some of the code when I submitted the response, but it is the same code as you provided in the response earlier

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