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Support MB Relationships Massive bug found (?) with relationships between posts and users!!!!

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    This is my use-case:

    A “student” (user) buys a “course” (custom post type) and upon purchase, a relationship is created between the user and the post. This is what grants the user access to the course content.

    All has been working wonderfully. Until today.

    A course was removed from ALL users who had a relationship with that course! This was NOT supposed to happen.

    This happened immediately after I deleted a single user.

    Upon further investigation I found that coincidentally the user who was deleted had the exact same ID as the course that went missing for all other users that had a relationship with it.

    Upon deleting that particular user, it deleted all rows in the mb_relationships table which pointed to that post/course with the same ID.

    To be clear, I deleted a user with the ID of 154 and then any reference in the mb_relationships table to a course with an ID of 154 was removed.

    Here is the method in my plugin code which creates the relationship.

    protected function register_relationship_for_user_tutorial_access() {
            'id'   => 'the1914_user_to_tutorial',
            'from' => [
                'object_type' => 'user',
                'meta_box'    => [
                    'title' => 'Tutorials',
            'to' => [
                'object_type' => 'post',
                'post_type'   => 'tutorial',
                'meta_box'    => [
                    'title' => 'Students',
                'query_args' => [
                      'post_parent' => 0,   // Show ony parent tutorials
                      'number' => 100       // Maximum to show in the admin area
            'reciprocal' => true // Prevent metabox showing in the 'to' (tutorial) post type

    Is this an oversight from the developers of this plugin?

    Or is this expected behaviour based on my code above?

    I have since set ‘reciprical’ to FALSE in case that had something to do with it. That does not solve this issue.

    Furthermore, when I access the profile of a user to add or remove courses, if the user ID matches a course ID, I get a LOT of dropdown menus appear like this:


    Here is a screenshot of the mb_relationships table:


    Thank you for your assistance and for an otherwise great set of plugins!

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    Long Nguyen

    Hi JC,

    1. I’ve tried to reproduce the issue on my local site but not see an issue like that.
    • Create a new user
    • Create a new post
    • Access the database and set the user ID match with the post ID
    • Create a relationship between user and post (reciprocal = true)
    • Delete the user
    • The post still there
      So I suppose that the user has created that post and when you delete the user, the post is deleted too.
    1. If a user and a post are the same ID and have a connection, the select field will show double connect. I will discuss it with the developer team to cover this case.

    Thank you very much for your swift response.

    You have slightly misunderstood the issue.

    The (related) post does not get deleted; that stays intact like you have found.

    The issue is ALL other users that had a relationship with that post no longer have a releationship with it.

    To replicate the issue:

    • Create three new users
    • Create one new post
    • Make a relationship between the three new users and the new post
    • Make one of the users have the same ID as the post
    • Delete the user who has the same ID as the post

    Once deleted, the remaining two users will no longer have a relationship with the post.

    My short-term solution to the issue has been to change the auto-increment of the ID column in the users table to 1 million meaning any new user IDs will be 1M+1, 1M+2, 1M+3, etc, to ensure there will be no more ID collisions between users and posts (my post IDs are still relatively low, less than 200).

    That will keep things working on my website for a long time. It’s unlikely but if the post IDs in the future exceed 1M, the problem will come back because there will again be user IDs that match post IDs and the problem will persist.

    I hope I have made things a little clearer. If you need to know anything else, let me know and I’ll be happy to explain further.

    Thank you



    This is actually worse than I first thought.

    I just deleted a standard page (standard pages have no MB relationships set up on my installation at all).

    The page had an ID of 55.

    When I then checked the user with an ID of 55, this user no longer has any of the relationships they had before I deleted the completely unrelated page!

    This means if I delete ANY post type that happens to share an ID with a user, all of that user’s relationships disappear!

    This is a very big problem!

    Thanks for reading.

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