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    Resolved Dries B.

    I need to say the MB Builder is a useful tool and doing more than I could wish for. So far I've been able to display the custom fields I want in a page (front-end & back-end). All clear.

    But when linking the custom field to a product, I'm not able to display the info at the product page. I can modify the information at the admin panel, it's saving well and also reacting as it should. But it's just not listing the info at the front site. As there is not a "product" page to be modified, I don't know how to solve this.

    When checking Google and the META BOX website, the only page I have found linked to this issue is while is is one of the first things you're using META BOX for, isn't it. I'm feeling such a dummy now. hahaha sorry

    On top, the example I have found is not a real product page where you can find products. So in the end, it's not really what I am looking for...

    Is there a place where I can customize the settings of a product page so it's linking to the data of METABOX? Or where at the METABOX admin panel can I set things correct?

    Thank you for your help.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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