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    Is it possible to add a metabox post relationship field using MB Frontend Submission?

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    Anh Tran

    Yes, it's possible. Each relationship meta box has an ID: {$relationship_id}_relationships_from and {$relationship_id}_relationships_to. You can include these IDs in the form shortcode to show it on the front end.


    Anh, I found this thread and I'm a little confused. Lets say I have a custom post called 'Classes' and I want to link that to a custom post type of 'Room'. I want to be able to edit the 'Class' with MB Frontend and select or add a new 'Room' from a 'select_advanced' field. How could I do that?


    I'm with Dave 🙂

    Long Nguyen

    Hi Dave and Nick,

    The relationship extension only supports to select posts related, impossible to add new post with this box.


    Nick, MB Frontend Submission was insufficient for my needs. I ended up writing the my own UI, AJAX, and server code to handle the requests. I still used the MB Relationship php helper methods to process the data on the server.


    I hope to be at your level some day Dave, well done!

    Long, I'm not OP so I'm only able to share my interpretation of what they – and therefore myself – am looking to accomplish.

    Let's say I have two CPTs (Ingredients and Recipes) and a relationship between them.

    Now I'd like to use Frontend Submission to create a form that creates a new Recipe. After I write 10k words retelling the history of ever even thinking of this recipe, I want to select ingredients that go into it.

    If I don't have some rare new ingredient that I've never entered before, I understand from your most recent comment that this is not possible (feature request!). However, if I want to add an Ingredient to my Recipe that's already in the system, is there a way to do so via a Frontend Submission form?

    Long Nguyen

    Hi Nick,

    Please take a look at my screen record

    I've created two post types Ingredient and Recipe then show the relationship meta box on the front end with Frontend Submission.


    one more clarification on this topic please.

    If i have 3 different post type connected with 2 different relations: A => (to) B (from) => C

    How can I display both connection dropdown of B post type frontend?

    Long Nguyen

    Hi Gildo,

    The extension MB Frontend Submission supports to display multiple meta boxes on the frontend form. Please add the meta box IDs to the shortcode to display both connections of post type B.

    [mb_frontend_form id="{$relationship_id_AB}_relationships_from, {$relationship_id_BC}_relationships_to" post_fields="title,content" post_type="B"]

    See more on this documentation


    i have this notice:

    Notice: Array to string conversion in /wp-content/plugins/mb-relationships/inc/relationship/admin-columns.php on line 61 and 62

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 12 total)
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