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Support MB Relationships MB Relationships only displaying partial list of posts to connect

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    Resolved Brian Thurber

    Hello, I'm using Version 1.7.0 of MB Relationships. Here is the code I'm using in my functions file.

    add_action( 'mb_relationships_init', function() {
        MB_Relationships_API::register( array(
            'id'   => 'occupant_to_building',
            'from' => 'occupant',
            'to'   => 'building',
        ) );
    } );

    For some reason I'm only seeing a partial list of occupants from a building post and I'm only seeing a partial list of buildings from an Occupants post. I'm getting a "no results found" notice when I search for an occupant that I know exists in that post type. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Anh Tran

    Hi Brian,

    Are you using the latest version of Meta Box? Can you try clearing browser cache? I've just tested with similar code and couldn't replicate the problem.

    Brian Thurber

    Thank you for the quick reply! It was an update issue. The meta box plugin was network activated so I didn't notice it needed to be updated. Thanks again!

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