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    Hello, Can you help me with best approach to build basic member website (for 200.000 users). I don't want to use complex powerful plugins. I only need do next:

    • The user will register with custom data. I am thinking to use MB User Profile and MB User meta. But I have a question:

    - First question: Can I save the user profile fields in a custom table using MB custom table extension. 200.00 user are a lot of records so if I save it in post meta or user meta my website coul be slow.
    - Next I will need limit see the content in a Custom Post Type only for users with a custom role.

    -Second question: Can I limit access to the content from custom post type to user with custom role usign MB? Do I need other plugin or can I do ir using MB

    - Finally question: Do you think that is a good idea use user wordpress feature for work with 200.000 users. Some people adviced to me use other platform or do the login system with Native PHP and integrate it with wordpress. What do you think about it

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    Long Nguyen


    The Key Master Anh Tran has replied to your questions on FB. I'm just pasting it here and mark the topic as Resolved.

    Q1: You can save user data in custom fields. But limiting users by post types requires custom coding. You might need 2 functions: create custom roles - which can be done with code or a plugin like Members, and restrict content by CPT can be done with code (by checking role before loading the template files).

    Q2: With only that requirements, I think there are no problems using WP. Things might change if you need other functionality that targets users other than content (which WP is great for).


    Yes he did it. Thank you very much!!

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