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    Hi! I'm using Metabox AIO to configure a 'partners' template on an Elementor website. Each partner has a Custom Post filled with his/her info, that displays in the template. Now, I would like to display the WooCommerce products offered by each partner on his/her page. So I created a custom taxonomy (Spécialistes) for products and set up a portfolio on the partner template: I'd like to set the query to show the products associated with that particular partner. I just don't understand how to tell the query to get the products associated with the current partner displayed in the template. I can choose one, but it would apply to the whole template (and not recognize which 'specialist' is currently displayed. I also tried with 'MB relatioships' but couldn't get it to work. Can you help? Thanks! Jordan

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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