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Support MB Custom Table meta_query custom DB / any solution?

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    reference: meta_query with MB Custom Tables

    I need to loop (ordered and field-selected) through a custom database with Oxygen page builder.
    So there is no other way as to use a meta_query!
    You are offering "MB Custom Table" but as far as I understood no way to order such a table with meta_query.

    The referenced post is dated Feb 2018.
    Your comment was:
    "I’m not sure about this, because the way WordPress build SQL queries from meta query object is very complicated. I’ll see if I can do something."

    Was there any change within the roughly 2 years?
    If no implementation was possible: Is there any workaround on how to implement the first SQL request in a meta_query?


    $args = array(
            'post_type'   => 'square',
            'meta_key'    => 'sq_text_order',
            // not meta-value-num, as it is a text field
            'orderby' => 'meta_value',
            'order'   => 'ASC',
            'meta_query'  => array(
                    'key' =>   'sq_select_squarematrix',
                    'value' => 'Home',
                    'compare' =>   '=' 


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    Long Nguyen


    The custom table is not associated with the table wp_posts as the wp_postmeta, see more in this documentation

    Using the custom table helps us to get the post ID base on the field value. We also note on this case

    At this time, the extension does not support to use meta_query with the custom table. I will discuss this with the developer team and inform you later if there are some ideas.


    Hi Long,
    thanks, I see.
    Is it OK to ask in two weeks again?
    Please let the ticket open for this period of time.

    And only to understand the intention of this extension (sorry if I am dumb or unaware):
    Using a separate DB makes a lot of sense, e.g. performance, maintainability, etc.
    But what is a typical use case if the retrieved data cannot be ordered or selected by using meta_query?
    Maybe I am missing something...
    I mean, of course, I can use other frameworks like React, Vue, etc. if I want to have complete control (by doing a lot of coding), but this is a completely different story...

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