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Support MB Elementor Integrator Metabox Group Subfields not Showing on Elementor

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    I have created a group field, and inside it has 3 subfields.
    The problem is only the group field is showing on the Elementor and the subfields are not showing. If i select the group field it shows ‘Array’ text. Please advise.

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    We’ve just released the new version of Meta Box Group which supports for multi-level nested groups. Please try it and let me know the result.

    PS: Due to JavaScript problem, the media field and WYSIWYG field couldn’t be cloned in multi-level nested groups. So please don’t use them.

    You can automatically update the plugin using the Meta Box Updater or manually download the extension, unzip and upload to your site, overwrite old files.


    Hi, thank you for your response. Are you referring to the 1.2.17 version? That is what we are currently using.



    Did you see any JavaScript error in the console?



    No error. On elementor, the group id is showing and when i select the ID, it will show an ‘Array’ text.
    This is the sample of my Custom Fields:
    Product Group 1

    Product Name
    Product Price

    What i noticed is all the childfields(Product Name and Product Price) are not showing on the Elementor. It will only show the ID of Product Group on the selection.

    Please see ss:



    We haven’t supported group fields in Elementor yet. We’re working on that.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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