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Support General Metabox with Oxygen Builder (does it work?)

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    Resolved Oli Thompson

    Hi there,

    I have problem using Oxygen builder (with MetaBox). I could not find a way to integrate dynamic data inside pages or templates. Is there a way around this.? I only want to add a post heading, image, text for each custom post type and I cant find any way.

    Would Appreciate you help!

    Many Thanks,

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    Anh Tran

    Hi Oli,

    You can try using inserting PHP code in Oxygen Builder. To get value of custom fields, please use our helper functions.

    Long Nguyen

    Hi Oli,

    You can double click on the Text element when building the post/page with Oxygen Builder to insert the dynamic data. See more on their documentation

    And my short screen record

    Oli Thompson

    Thank you so much for getting back in touch!!

    Just wanted to ask..

    I have been trying the “Advanced Scripts” Plugin (similar to Code Snippets). Because my php coding skills are not great. I thought it would be possible to add "Custom Post Types" & "Custom Fields" to my oxygen test site without having to create any plugins and use the Metabox code generator options. But I might need help with a few simple questions before trying..

    There are "3 Drop Down Options" For applying PHP in the "Advanced Scripts" Plugin)
    Would like to ask which options you may feel are applicable to choose..

    < />

    1) Location >>

    Everywhere.., Front-end.., Administration Area.., Manually..?

    2) Hooks >>

    Init., wp loaded., wp head., wp footer., admin_menu., admin_init., admin_head., admin_footer., login_head., login_footer.,

    3) Priority >>

    input number // 10

    <hr />

    I wasn't sure If I had to stick the php from the "Custom Field/ Online Generator" together with the "Custom Post Type" Generator..?

    If the location had to be manually chosen with oxygen..?

    If there needs to be a hook of any sort..? or if a priority number should be set..?

    <hr />

    Many Thanks again,

    Long Nguyen

    Hi Oli,

    There is an extension MB Custom Post Types & Custom Taxonomies which helps you to create a post type with a few clicks without touching the code.

    Get more details on this documentation

    Oli Thompson

    I wanted to try removing the Metabox plugins after creating the custom post type and custom field types.

    After seeing other documentation on Metabox, my idea was to remove extra plugin bloat on this site by installing JUST THE METABOX GENERATED CODE.

    Additionally I wanted to try and be a bit more hands on with PHP and not just use another plugin for every extra field or feature.

    Long Nguyen

    Hi Oli,

    For simplicity, you can just add the code generated by Online tools to the file functions.php in the theme/child theme folder to remove all extra plugins.

    Or use with the plugin Advanced Scripts:
    - Location: everywhere
    - Hook: init
    - Priority: 20

    Oli Thompson

    Just curious would these values remain the same or change if I created multiple custom post types.?

    Hook: init
    Priority: 20

    Oli Thompson

    If I am using Oxygen Builder (with no theme available/functions.php folder) is it possible to upload the code using advanced scripts,

    & the details you set here:
    //Or use with the plugin Advanced Scripts:
    – Location: everywhere
    – Hook: init
    – Priority: 20//

    Without using code at the beginning to create a plugin.?

    Long Nguyen


    What do you mean "Without using code at the beginning to create a plugin"? You can add all the code generated by the online tools to one place of the advanced scripts. For further using that plugin, you can contact their support.

    Oli Thompson

    In Oxygen Is it necessary to add this code to the online generator code?

    * Plugin Name: Hello Custom Field
    * Plugin URI:
    * Description: A simple plugin for custom fields.
    * Version: 1.0
    * Author: Meta Box
    * Author URI:
    * License: GPL2

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