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    Patrick Nelson

    I want to migrate my data from JetEngine (Crocoblock) to MetaBox.

    I don't know if JetEngine stores data the same way as MetaBox so that all I would have to do is create the same fields in MetaBox and match the IDs to the JetEngine meta keys.

    Do you know if this will work from JetEngine?

    If so, can I just add MetaBox fields to the existing CPT or do I create a new CPT in MetaBox with the same fields as above?

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    Long Nguyen

    Hi Patrick,

    I think it will work with Meta Box, other developer tools like ACF or Pods use the standard WordPress CPTs or custom fields and it can be managed by Meta Box as well. See more on this article

    Patrick Nelson

    Thanks Long! That's a great help. I will read the article and give it a try.


    hey patrick. im thinking of doing the same. how did it work out? anything i should watch out for?

    Patrick Nelson

    Hey Jack,

    Haven't tried it yet. We have decided to use ACF for this project instead of MetaBox because ACF is better supported for some of the other plugins and functionality we need. I will be trying this method though to move from JetEngine to ACF. If it turns out to be relevant, I'll post my results here.


    yeah. im on the same lines. going to try migrate from jetsmartfilters to wp gridbuilder. Hopefully can keep jetengine but if not i will migrate to meta instead. will try remember to keep this thread up to date too.

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