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    Resolved Karthikeyan Ramnath

    Hi there, is there a simple way to move existing fields from one field group to another? There are already several posts with data for those fields

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    Karthikeyan Ramnath

    Stated differently, i really need to move fields across from the field groups to clean up things a little and having to create a new field and do a rwmb_meta / set for each field is very time consuming when I have over 60 fields.

    Karthikeyan Ramnath

    Hi there, I am currently using rwmb_meta and rwmb_set_meta to copy fields over and then delete the original field. Can you tell me how i can do this on the database directly, please?

    Long Nguyen


    If the field groups are assigned to one post type, you can just delete a field from one field group and create a new one with the same ID in another field group.

    If you create more fields with the Builder but some of the last fields are not saved, you can follow this article to increase the PHP setting max_input_vars to resolve this issue.

    Karthikeyan Ramnath

    Awesome. Thank you

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