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Support MB Relationships Need help planning relationships

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    Resolved Nick

    I have a project tracking contact (phone, email, etc) activity related to sales. I have 3 CPTs: Activities, Contacts, and Companies.

    When I create a new Activity, it will be associated with Contacts, a Company, or both. An Activity can be associated with none, one, or multiple Contacts. An activity can be associated with none or one Company.

    Companies have contacts, but not every contact has a company.

    Do I want to create relationships between Activity and Contacts and Activity and Companies and a sibling relationship between Contacts and Companies?

    What's going to be the best way to set up these relationships?


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    Long Nguyen

    Hi Nick,

    I think you need three relationships:
    - Activity to Contact
    - Activity to Company
    - Company to Contact

    So when you edit a post type, you can choose 2 other post types as the relation.

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