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Support MB Term Meta Not compatible with Meta Box Builder?

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    Hi i use Meta Box Builder and have other extensions of yours which are connected to it, so i expected MB Term Meta to also be compatible. But when i make a new meta box using meta box builder and click settings to choose where the meta box is visible, it only gives me choice of post types, i want choice of taxonomy types, i just want to choose 'category' as the place it gets displayed, i thought this MB Term Meta will do this but it seems only suitable for programmers to use, is this right? Do you plan to make the plugin compatible with Meta Box Builder?

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    Anh Tran


    The Meta Box Builder hasn't supported the MB Term Meta yet. But you can get over it with "Custom Attributes" for meta box. Switch to "Settings" tab and set a custom attribute "taxonomies" and enter your taxonomy slug into the input, like in this screenshot:

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    We'll update the plugin to make it easier for selecting taxonomies in the next version.


    thanks, i've already done it the programmer's way in functions.php but that workaround looks good, and the update looks even better, i look forward to the update, hopefully it can become intuitive

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