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Support General "Orphaned" License Question

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    Adam Helman

    Hi all

    I just purchased Meta Box LTD today. Logged in to get the plugin(s) and license code and saw I have 2 licenses listed (see here)?

    Not sure why there are 2 (I've not done anything yet). So I read the licensing article and it looks like the 2nd one is a sub-license (because it has the "delete" link next to it). I never created that (knowingly).

    Also, both licenses are 0 (unlimited) and both have 0 activations (which is right, I've not installed it anywhere yet). Ok fair enough. So I have tried to delete the "extra" one and nothing happens. If I regenerate it, it simply spawns a 3rd license which I was able to delete. But looks like that 2nd license key is here to stay.

    So the upshot is, anyone know what that 2nd license is all about/for. It's no biggie, just a little annoying.


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    Long Nguyen

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Please follow this article to know how the license system works

    Adam Helman

    Thanks for that but I did already say in my post that I had read that article - it does not cover anything about mysteriously appearing license keys that cannot be deleted...

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