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    I have come across a plugin that has my attention.

    Rest routes pro

    is it possible to build this in metabox?

    I think it will be a lot easier for non-devs. For what I can see and understand that it is possible to build queries without having to program.

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    Long Nguyen


    We've had the extension MB Rest API to help users manage the custom fields and custom data via REST API in WordPress Have you tried this?


    I know that solution, but the rest routes plugin is different. it makes it for non-devs a lot easyer to do query's.
    Think about it.
    Buildingthe fields and posts with metabox.
    Building a easy clickable query to filter or to build a awesome form without any coding or any snippet (even if it is a snippet then it can be a created code what someone can copy paste). Or creating a query and BAM getting all the information with a shortcode in a smooth datatable view! You want a clickle link? BAM assign it from that tool and say you want to open view that belongs to that post.

    check the official website.

    I really think you that it can metabox a better tool for non dev's!

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