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    Resolved Ryan Lauritsen

    Is a Meta Box field for the post author to replace the default WP author field supported?

    If so, what is needed?

    I've tried setting the id to author and post_author based on this topic (and the linked tutorial)

    but the Meta Box field is not populating with a saved post's author.

    Here is my field:

        'name' => 'Author',
        'id' => 'author',
        'type' => 'user',
        'field_type'  => 'select_advanced',
        'placeholder' => '-- Select Author --',
        'query_args'  => array(
        'role' => 'my_custom_role',
            'number' => 10,
        'js_options' => array(
            'minimumInputLength' => 3,
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    Anh Tran

    Hi Ryan,

    Yes, that's doable. You need to set the field ID to post_author and hook to not save it to post meta. Please see this tutorial for doing that.

    Ryan Lauritsen

    Thanks, Anh Tran. I've got it working now. Is it possible to customize the data being searched? For example, have it only search the email and not URL, username, or display_name?

    Ryan Lauritsen

    Maybe a better question is... Can we access the search term typed into a select_advanced field within the query_args parameter so that we can create a more sophisticated search query?

    Anh Tran

    Hi Ryan, we use the default search functionality from WP. See the search param here. So it searches users by email address, URL, ID, username or display_name.

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