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    I have a new client where I have routes and locations.
    There are 5 routes for e-bike. Every route can have 1 or more locations. The order of the locations is different. Route 1 can have location 3, location 5, location 8. Route location 8, location 1, location 3 (in the order I write).
    Normally I used the post field for this but I can't order the posts different. I am thinking about to use MB Relations but haven't that used earlier.

    1. Is MB Relations the way to go? Can I order?
    2. How do Oxygen repeater works with MB Relations?
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    Long Nguyen

    Hi Cees,

    1. Yes, you can use the extension MB Relationships to re-order the connected posts. It uses the field type select_advanced with clone settings.

    2. Please contact Oxygen support to ask for showing MB Relationships in Oxygen repeater. Refer to this documentation

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