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    Resolved badabingbreda


    I’ve created a CPT and Meta Box. One of the metabox fields is a articlenumber(text-field) and I want it to list before the title and make it searchable.

    The thing is: as soon as I add

    'admin_columns' => array(
      'position' => 'before title',
      'searchable' => true,

    I can search on the meta-key but not on the default title anymore. The search also lists
    Search results for “”
    without the searched word. As soon as a remove the admin_columns array it works as WP should out of the box.

    Any ideas why this might happen?

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    Anh Tran

    Hi, thanks a lot for your feedback. I’ve just fixed and released a new version. Please update.


    Thanks Anh, all working now!

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