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Support Meta Box Group Problem when using Groups with Tabs

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    Resolved @mindspark

    Hi. I'm creating a complex CPT input group and there are many data to be entered. I was able to set this up using ACF Pro - but it glitched after adding to many conditional options. Hoping MB can work better - but I'm having this issue...

    My input form is divided into 6 sections - using tabs. Tab = Section. But, within in Tab section, I also need to create a couple of field groups using the Groups element.

    As I add more Tabs and Groups, the CPT page (where I'm checking the look and layout of the form) is now glitching - blanking out white and taking forever to reload....

    Somethings not right. Any chance you can take a look?


    let me know what info you need and I'll send it right away. Thx

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    Anh Tran

    Hi Neil,

    I've just answered you in another topic. The rule here is: you can add only one tab navigation, no nesting tabs. But for groups, you can add as many groups with any nesting level.

    To make things cleaner on the edit screen, I'd suggest using collapsible groups.


    Thanks Anh for the clarification!

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