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    Resolved EstudioPatagon

    Hi!, im experiencing some problems with the plugin:

    1.- The remove button is not clickeable: (this can be fixed adding some margin-right to the editor wrapper)

    2.- When i set 'sort_clone' => true and i reorder the editor, the editor blocks and you can't enter any text, of course if i save the new order the text stills there and the order is fine. The problem is after you reorder any editor, you can't add more text to the field, i think we need some callback after you reorder any editor (a reinit function or similar).

    Thank you!!

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    Anh Tran


    The editor is still buggy when sorting. The WordPress JavaScript doesn't allow to change the DOM. We tried to reinit but didn't succeed for now. We'll check that later.

    The fix for the remove button will be addressed soon 🙂

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