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Support MB User Profile Prompt to change password shows on Edit Form

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    Resolved lighterdayz

    Created a User Profile page with this shortcode.

    [mb_user_profile_info id="default-fields, rwmb-user-info, custom-avatar, actor-profile"  submit_button="Submit" confirmation="Your information has been successfully submitted. Thank you."]

    1. rwmb-user-info prompts me to enter a password upon "submit".
    2. username showed up in first_name field. (No initial first_name was entered).
    3. Can the "image" field be used for avatar?
    4. Also, when using add "image", does just the file name show or should the actual image name show? I'm seeing just the file name.
    5. Is there some way to include the user email to edit/change on MB User Profile?

    thanks very much!

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    Anh Tran

    Hi Marge,

    1. When password is added via rwmb-user-info meta box, it's always required. You can change it with the rwmb_profile_info_fields filter.
    add_filter( 'rwmb_profile_info_fields', function( $fields ) {
        $fields['password']['required'] = false;
        $fields['password2']['required'] = false;
        return $fields;
    } );
    1. I don't see that problem on my localhost. Please see this video. Please check in the user profile to see if the user has set first name = username.

    2. It's possible. You need to hook to get avatar function to change the avatar URL.

    3. The image field actually doesn't show any file name. If you meant the "file" field, then yes, it shows only the file name.

    4. You can hook to rwmb_profile_info_fields to add email fields to add email field, like this:

    add_filter( 'rwmb_profile_info_fields', function( $fields ) {
        $fields['email'] = [
            'name' => 'Email',
            'id'   => 'user_email',
            'type' => 'email',
        return $fields;
    } );
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