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Support MB Settings Page Refresehing the whole WP Admin Panel after settings saved

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    Resolved Teia Local Studio

    Hello Ahn!

    I wonder — is there a specific reason for not refreshing the whole administration screen when we do save settings on MB Settings Page? Let me explain:

    I have a bunch of settings that change GUI stuff on original WordPress admin panels, like for example: hiding menus, metaboxes and changing CSS styles.

    However, when I do save MB Settings, it only says on top screen message that everything was saved, but, to really see the modifications I performed, I still need to CTRL + refresh the WordPress admin area.

    I hope you understand what I mean.


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    Anh Tran

    Hi G.,

    I guess I understand your point. Probably the code that saves data happens after your code that hides menus, metaboxes, etc. Would you please post your code here so I can debug that?

    Teia Local Studio

    Hello Ahn!

    Well, I have a LOT of stuff happening on my functions... Hard to just paste some code here. I will try to move things up and down to see if the order changes something.

    But don't worry, this is not a problem at all!
    I was just curious about the behavior of the whole thing.

    Thanks, Sire!

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