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    Resolved zdenek.senkyrik@gmail.com

    Hello Meta Box, please refund money for DEVELOPER BUNDLE (149USD). it's too difficult for me, I can't use it. I needed to add meda data for Google seach console (breadcrumb navigation: fields: item.name, position, URL id ....) but I don't know how... I wanted to try the metabox AIO. I was attracted to your ad for easy setup but I don't know at all ... even with the Online Generator 🙁

    My websites: https://www.reckonasbavi.cz/
    Do you have any easy solution for me, please?
    Thank you for help.


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    Anh Tran

    Hi Zdenek,

    If you just need to output breadcrumb for your website, maybe a plugin like Slim SEO will helps.

    If you want to set up breadcrumb manually, please try the following steps:

    • Install Meta Box (search for it in Plugins > Add New) and install Meta Box AIO
    • Under Meta Box > Extensions, activate Meta Box Builder and Meta Box Group
    • Go to Meta Box > Custom Fields and create fields for breadcrumb item
    • Go to edit a post/page and add the data for the breadcrumb
    • Follow this docs to output the breadcrumb data to the front end

    If that's too technical, we can help you on that.


    Hi Anh, thank you very much for reply. Yes, I have Yoast SEO PRO plugin with active breadcrumb navigation. But I have 3 serious errors in Google console (missing fields: position / name or item.name / url in id field) As you can see in picture below: https://www.reckonasbavi.cz/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/breadcrumb-navigation.jpg

    I don't have an updated 2-3 years graphic theme! I can't update my graphics, I'm getting an error. It can be a major problem, I am waiting for developer response... he is not responding yet.

    I have active Meta Box AIO with Meta Box Builder and Meta Box Group: https://www.reckonasbavi.cz/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/metabox1.jpg

    will it be automatically saved to each article /post? or do I still need to edit the graphic theme code or something more in HTML? I am not a programmer, I thought that the META BOX AIO will be as easy as the X previous WP plugins that I used 🙁

    Can you help me with accurate instructions, please? If there is not an easy way, I will not use your plugin for 149USD. Many people have to have a similar problem with breadcrumb navigation ... since a certain date when Google began to demand it ...

    Thank you for your time and help! Zdenek

    Anh Tran

    Hi Zdeneck,

    As you're using Yoast SEO, the best way to fix the Google Search Console is asking for their help. The thing here is only they know how to modify the output of the breadcrumbs to fix the issues. You can ask them on Github, they're more responsive there.

    If you use our plugin Slim SEO, then you won't have this problem.

    My previous reply was for creating your own breadcrumb solution. But I see you're not a developer, this might be overwhelming.


    Hi Anh, thank you! I'll try to contact Yoast SEO... I'm sorry to bother you with the problem 🙁 I thought that I could easily fix it through META BOX. It seemed tempting and simple at first sight... Can I ask you for a refund money for DEVELOPER BUNDLE (149USD), please? As you can see, I can't use your product right now. Thank you for understanding. Zdenek

    Anh Tran

    I see. Don't worry. I've just issued the refund for you.


    Hello Meta Box, please refund money for core bundle (99 USD) and lifetime bundle (499 USD), as i need to use other tools for integrations across platforms.

    Thank you for help.


    Anh Tran

    Hi Morgens,

    I see your purchases was on May 30 and May 31, which is more than 14 days ago. Unfortunately, we can't issue refund in this case.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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