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    Dear Anh,
    As I told you I have many date fields in a form and I have been using them for years making them readonly so the user can not do any syntax mistake in a question and you forwarded me to your answer that was saying no readonly feilds will dispaly datepicker
    Following that I removed readonly attribute and the field is no longer field, this field is date field (used from the metabox) and now I can gladly say that datepicker is popping in this field and its been again useful also used the pattern validation here so the user input will be correct but, there is another glitch here that my datepicker is for date of birth field and I only want the date between certain range and when I type the date out of range it is still accepted how can I solve this. Please give me the answer asap so that I can complete my work in time.

    Thanks & Regards,

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