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Support General Remove accessibility carets on metaboxes after WordPress 5.5.0 updates

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    Resolved Content Pilot

    Would it be possible to add a flag in the meta box settings to remove the accessibility arrows? It is pretty ugly and we don't need the ability to move the meta boxes around. Looks like the core meta boxes have this option. Tried to look for a filter but maybe it is best handled at a plugin level.

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    Long Nguyen


    WordPress version 5.5 supports to sort, drag & drop meta boxes in the Block Editor. You can use this custom CSS code to remove buttons (up and down).

    .handle-order-higher, .handle-order-lower {
        display: none;

    Apply the admin CSS code with this plugin

    I'm going to create a feature request to support a setting of the meta box to remove sort buttons. Thank you.

    Content Pilot

    Thanks for starting a feature request.

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