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    Resolved Martin


    I'm looking for a way to completely remove the submit button (permanently rather than disabled which I've seen a solution for in the forum) from a form.

    Basically what I'm doing is to have a basic booking form where I include my own code on my own button which checks a bunch of stuff and actions the request.

    So I need the form not to have a submit button as I'm not trying to create posts etc. Perhaps there's a shortcode option for it or a setting I can't find to remove it?


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    Long Nguyen


    It's a rare case, we have not supported an option/filter to remove the submit button. But you can use the custom CSS code to hide this button.

    .rwmb-form-submit .rwmb-button {
        display: none;

    Perfect. Thanks for that.

    As an extra note I also added the .page-id-[page_id] ahead of that line so it only affected the specific page I was aiming for. Some pages I do want the submit and some I don't so this was spot on for my needs.

    As you say it's a rare case but perhaps this might be a useful addition to be applied as a checkbox setting against each form created? Might not be worth the effort if others don't have much need for it though.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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