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    Please I hope you can detail answer my question how Metabox works.

    I will replace some field_id's from a settings-page with a tool like Better Search and Replace. Change all the contact_text (id) to wsfp_contact_text. When I do a search and replace in the database then all the field id's are replaced but the value that where added to the custom field is hide.

    Better Search and Replace answer me: With regards to Metabox, I took a quick look, and it seems some fields are added via PHP code, so maybe after running the search/replace you will also have to update your PHP code to match the new field ID. Better Search Replace can only do search/replace on database records, not on PHP files.

    I use the Metabox Builder.

    What can I do to do a good replace of id's?

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    Long Nguyen

    Hi Cees,

    You can manually edit the field group in the Builder and replace the current field ID with the new one.

    Or export the field group to a JSON file, edit this file and replace the field ID then re-import to the Builder. Refer to this documentation


    Hi Long,

    Sorry ... it is unclear for me. From beginning:
    Which steps do I have to do when I will change of or more field_id's in CPT's?
    The fields are used in the settings page AND in WordPress (Oxygen) as dynamic fields.

    So an example:
    I have the field email_id where the customer can store his e-mail address. The field is used in different pages in Oxygen as dynamic fields or as an function.

    When I change the field ID in the Builder then the values in the WordPress database are not changed. So that is the reason that I also do an search and replace. Is this the way to go? In my previous test the website are broken when I change field ID's.

    Long Nguyen

    Hi Cees,

    If you use some PHP code or option that includes the old field ID in Oxygen Builder, please change it manually or contact Oxygen Builder to ask for help. It is beyond the scope of our support.

    For the example:
    1. Change the field ID in the Builder.
    2. Replace the old with the new field ID in the database.
    3. Update the code that displays the field value (which is in Oxygen).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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