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Support General Save date for Grid Builder Map Facet

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    Resolved Trang Nguyen

    Hi, I'm using Grid Builder Map Facet ( and it needs data in this format:

    The Map facet works with latitude and longitude coordinates. The source type should be a custom field with as value an array containing the coordinates like this:
    [ 'lat' => 5.1025, 'lng' => 40.5548 ]

    Is it possible to save the data of Google Maps field or OpenStreetMaps field (or any others) as their request? I could use ACF but I prefer Meta Box.


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    Long Nguyen


    The field Google Maps or Open Street Map saves the data (location) in the following format latitude,longitude,zoom. You can use the function rwmb_get_value() to get only value latitude and longitude for that addon.

    Get more details on this documentation

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