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    Resolved dianemk

    Would it, in theory, be possible to save MB custom fields within the table of another plugin - in this case Geodirectory.
    I'm using GD and Beaver Themer to create a directory site. However because GD uses custom db tables for the custom fields, BB doesn't recognise them and so I can't use the field connectors. I've found a workaround for most of it (but still trying to figure out some workarounds for some fields) but I suddenly wondered if it would be possible to save MB custom fields into the GD table.
    Is this completely crazy or is it doable? If so, how would I go about this please?
    I know someone else who is trying to use GD and BB at the moment and has the same frustrations and I'm sure there are others. This would be an amazing solution if it's possible.

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    Anh Tran


    If GD uses the same data structure as MB Custom Table, then it's possible. MB Custom Table's data structure is very simple:

    • Column ID: store the object ID (post ID or term ID).
    • Other columns: store the custom field values.

    It's fine if some columns are different, but the ID column must be used for object ID. In that case, you can use MB Custom Table to handle the job for you.



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