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Support MB Custom Table Serialized array for select_advanced saves incorrectly on front-end submission

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    Resolved jcleaveland


    I have a post_type with several different MetaBoxes.

    Each MetaBox is editable using the front-end submission extension.

    One field in a contact information MetaBox is a select advanced and saves a serialized array to the custom table. This works as expected.

    When updating any field in any MetaBox outside of the contact information MetaBox, the array is re-saved to the custom table as a string.

    If I edit the select_advanced field again, the data is saved properly.

    This behavior is not replicated when saving data to a post_type with single MetaBox now when saving data to the post_meta table. Only when saving multiple MetaBoxes to a custom table and only when using front-end submission, back-end submission works as expected.

    Any idea what could cause this?


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    Anh Tran


    Do multiple meta boxes use different custom tables? If they use the same custom table, that might not work properly.


    Hi Anh,

    Yes, each of the MetaBoxes writes to a separate table.

    I should also clarify that the issue is only present when the field is set to select_advanced and multiple is set to TRUE. When selecting only a single item, the string is recorded in the DB as expected.

    Any thoughts?



    Hi Anh,

    I have an update.

    I discovered that the issue was actually occurring for all front-end select_advanced or select fields with multiple set to TRUE regardless of whether there are multiple MetaBoxes or not.

    I had come across this with another metabox and created a workaround that led me to believe it wasn't happening.

    The workaround hooks rwmb_{metabox_id}after_save_post and strips the string notation off of the serialized array.

    Like so:

    function obh_update_group_primary_contact($post_id) {
      global $wpdb;
      $table = $wpdb->prefix . '_group_contact_info';
      $result = $wpdb->get_row(
        "SELECT * 
        FROM $table 
        WHERE ID = $post_id"
      $primary_contact = $result->obh_group_primary_contact;
      $string_query = stripos( $primary_contact, 's:' );
      if($string_query !==false) {
         $ass_array = preg_split('/^[s]\:([1-9][0-9]{0,2})\:\"/', $primary_contact);
        $string_1 = $ass_array[1];
        $string_2 = rtrim($string_1,'";');
      } else {
        $string_2 = $primary_contact;
          array('obh_group_primary_contact' => $string_2),
          array('ID' => $post_id )
    add_action( 'rwmb_obh_group_description_after_save_post', 'obh_update_group_primary_contact' );

    As far as I'm concerned, this is solved for me. Please let me know if you uncover a better way to address it in core. I'm always happy to implement your updates.

    Thanks for all your hard work and the tremendous plugins!

    Anh Tran

    Thanks a lot for your debug info! I'm going to check it now and hopefully will get it fixed soon.

    Updated: I recorded a video for this problem: I couldn't replicate it. Can you see and let me know if I did anything different from your side.


    That's basically it. The only difference is that I have several MetaBoxes per post type with several fields all writing to their own tables.

    I also have several things hooked to save_post... there could be something in there causing the issue.

    We can close this for now as I'm thinking it must be on my end somehow. I'll let you know if I discover anything else related to this issue.

    Thanks again!

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