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Support MB Settings Page Settings Page tag conflict with thenewsletter plugin

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    I was trying to integrate the plugin into my website but parts of the plugin became unable to view. I deactivated all my plugins and reactivated them one-by-one. It led to the plugin I created for my settings page using Metabox.

    I then troubleshot every line of code in the plugin until I narrowed it down to the "mb_settings_pages" id that creates the settings page

    <div>add_filter( 'mb_settings_pages', 'prefix_options_page' );</div>

    Is there any way to change that ID so it doesn't conflict with the other plugin? I tried changing it to mb_settings_pages2 (which solved the problem with the newsletter problem) but still killed my metabox settings.

    Does it have to be defined as mb_settings_pages?

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    Long Nguyen


    Yes, you have to use the filter hook mb_settings_pages to register a settings page. If the settings page works properly before activating the plugin newsletter, please contact this plugin support to ask for help with this case.


    thanks. Happy New year.

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