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Support MB Settings Page Shortcode not working for data from setting page

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    Resolved David Kraljic

    I have created a settings page. It has several fields one of which has id "hcb_businessname"

    I tried to place that on a page using a shortcode via a Beaver Builder text box [rwmb_meta id="hcb_businessname"] and nothing shows up.

    Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?

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    David Kraljic

    I wonder, since post id is optional - if post id is not included then it uses the current post. Since this is data from the setting page it wouldn't be present in a post. So for data from a settings page there must be some other parameter to pass in the shortcode which tells to grab data from settings not post?

    Long Nguyen

    Hi David,

    You can try to use this shortcode to get the field value of a settings page:

    [rwmb_meta id="field_id" object_type="setting" object_id="option_name"]

    David Kraljic

    thank you. When placing this on let's say - the home page - what would the object id be? The home page's post id? If so, how would you use the setting shortcode in something like a footer where the object id is different everytime?

    David Kraljic

    nevermind - got it. 🙂

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