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    Resolved Akram Ul haq


    I hope you are fine and doing great and thanks for the awesome product you developed 🙂

    Well, I got a strange query from my one of client and I am stuck first time since using metabox io and could not find how to get out of this.

    Here is full scene:

    My custom post name is product: and my custom taxonomy name is item: well my taxonomy has terms say item1 ,item2 and item3

    Now each item term can have term meta data like say

    item1 has meta data as array( 'red', 'blue', 'green')

    and item2 has meta data as array( 'red', 'orange', 'purple' )

    and item3 has meta term data as array( 'orange', 'white', 'pink' )

    I hope you got so far what I meant ..

    Now I just want to show those colors array as multi select checkbox in my custom post product.

    Say all three terms are being shown to choose from on product post. Once I choose item1 then its colors array( 'red', 'blue', 'green') should show checkbox list items to choose from as a metabox field.

    In same way if I choose item2 then its array( 'red', 'orange', 'purple' ) should show a checkbox list field

    In short the term I choose its term meta should be shown as checkbox list.

    Can you please give me some code to make it work I could not make it work so far after wasting huge time on it 🙁

    Waiting for the response

    Thank You

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    Long Nguyen


    I think this question is beyond the scope of supporting Meta Box and extensions. It would take a lot of code to do with PHP and JavaScript (AJAX).

    So I recommend using the child term to show the parent and child term on the CPT by using the field taxonomy or taxonomy_advanced to create select options for users to select item (parent) and colors red, orange, purple (child term) with the field type select_tree or checkbox_tree.

    Akram Ul haq


    But my query is term meta not child term ... Kindly have a look again on my question. I am asking to show meta data of the selected term as checkbox list. Help me in that way if you can please ?


    Akram Ul haq


    Any update for me please ?

    Thank You

    Long Nguyen


    I think you can use the filter rwmb_{$field_id}_end_html to use the field value and add some HTML code after the field appearance. For simple example, I have the custom field post_meta_taxonomy type taxonomy for the post and a custom field category_meta_text for the taxonomy Category. The code below would help you to show the term meta base on the term ID selected.

    add_filter( 'rwmb_post_meta_taxonomy_end_html', function( $end, $field, $meta ) {
        $term_meta = rwmb_meta( 'category_meta_text', array( 'object_type' => 'term' ), $meta );
        if( !empty( $term_meta ) ) {
            $end .= '<h4 style="color: red">Category Meta Text: ' . $term_meta. '</h4>';
        return $end;
    }, 10, 3 );

    See a short screen record

    Long Nguyen

    You can also use the AJAX in WordPress to get the term meta right after select the term. Example in this artilce.

    Akram Ul haq


    Thanks for the details as I am sure now you got me right 🙂 first of all again huge respect to your team as you guys even made me developer to a person who even has no knowledge in programming 🙂 huge respect ad I bow down.

    Well, you are showing this meta exactly fine I can see it, but I want it not to show up on page load. I just want to show up as soon as user selects that taxonomy, then below that this term meta data shown as selectbox list field so user can choose his/her desired item and then can save/update post.

    I am sure we are close enough now but a little tweak is needed can you please bring me in there as well ... huge respect and thanks in advance for your efforts to keep this product growing.

    Thanks again

    Long Nguyen


    At first, please follow this documentation to know how to use AJAX in WordPress, then you can use this sample code to show the term meta on selecting the field taxonomy.

    add_action( 'admin_footer', function() {
            jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
                $('.rwmb-field').on('change', function() {
                    var that = $(this);
                    // Get the term ID on select
                    var term_id = that.find('select[name=post_meta_taxonomy').val();
                    // Create a div to show the response
                    that.append('<div id="meta-taxonomy-response"></div>');
                    var data = {
                        'action': 'my_action',
                        'term_id': term_id,
          , data, function(response) {
    } );
    add_action( 'wp_ajax_my_action', 'my_action' );
    function my_action() {
        $term_id = $_POST['term_id'];
        if( isset( $term_id ) ) {
            $term_meta = rwmb_meta( 'category_meta_text', array( 'object_type' => 'term' ), $term_id );
            echo '<h4 style="color: red">Category Meta Text: ' . $term_meta. '</h4>';
        } else {
            echo "Not found";
        wp_die(); // this is required to terminate immediately and return a proper response

    Screen record

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