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    I am creating a site for a client with Metabox and Oxygen. This is a museum site. They have an old site and they want to "Upgrade it". So there are existing content that I would like to recreate on a sophisticated way via Metabox

    This Museum has old finds, which they would like to show on their site with 3D models (Sketchfab).

    It is working if you put the iframe in the content, and in the template, you only call the content itself into a text field. Because if you are trying to put the iframe into an oembed field, it does not show up. If you are trying to put the iframe into a WYSIWYG editor, if you "save/publish/update" the post the oembed Sketchfab content is vanishing.

    Can you help me with this?

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    Long Nguyen


    The original post:
    The new one:

    I do not see any issue with the Sketchfab content. Can you please share some screenshots to point out the difference?


    I have tried with oembed field as well, but it does not work at all. So I decided to give a try to the WYSIWYG editor, cause it might be useful, for all kinds of content. Especially that the original content was inside of a WYSIWYG editor as ell. But it just not working. I cannot even "save" the content in it.:


    Long Nguyen

    Hi Peter,

    The HTML tag <iframe> is not an allowed tag when you add to the WYSIWYG field content. You can bypass the sanitization to add any HTML tags to this field content.

    Refer to this documentation


    Hi Long,

    Thank you for the information. And If I am not a programmer, how shall I absolve this? Is there any more user-friendly way?


    Long Nguyen


    If you use the Builder to create the field, you can click on the tab Advanced > Custom settings > add the key sanitize_callback and value none then save changes.


    The solution:

    I have achieved a solution with this plugin:
    After I have installed it, I just had to add the Sketchfab link (URL! not the embedded code) to the oembed field and it worked.

    Hope it helps,

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