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    How are you doing today.It’s Arif Hossin from Bangladesh.
    Today, I need your help to display point table of a football league.Honestly speaking, I asked kind of similar question few months ago. Unfortunately, till now I cannot figure out the solution as I am very week in PHP.I know it will kill very important time of you. Could you please kill some of your time for me?
    If so then please go through below:
    Metabox Code:
    Backend HTML code:
    What I want:
    1)I want to show team’s rank based on the number of point
    2)If number of points are equal then number of match played.
    3)If number of point & match played are equal then Goal difference.
    4)If above three are equal then Goal Scored.
    I am expecting full codes to understand how to rank based on value.I think it will be a very powerfull lesson for me regarding loop.
    Please help me.
    Thanks in advance!


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    Anh Tran

    Hi Arif,

    This is more related to sorting values in PHP rather than with Meta Box. I'll try to give you the concept of doing that, please follow it. Your logic is complicated and I couldn't provide full code for you.

    As I see you store all teams and their info in a group field goalkick_league_point_table_option, right? And for each team, you record the number of matches that the team won or lost, right? (I assume that, cause I don't know if that's the number of matches or number of scores for matches).

    To sort teams, we will need to use usort() function.

    Here is my first idea for sorting by scores:

    function get_score( $team_details ) {
        $win = isset( $team_details['goalkick_league_standing_match_win_manual'] ) ? $team_details['goalkick_league_standing_match_win_manual'] : 0;
        $lost = isset( $team_details['goalkick_league_standing_match_win_manual'] ) ? $team_details['goalkick_league_standing_match_loss_manual'] : 0;
        return $win * 3;
    $teams = rwmb_meta( 'goalkick_league_point_table_option' );
    usort( $teams, function( $a, $b ) {
        $a_score = get_score( $a );
        $b_score = get_score( $b );
        if ( $a_score == $b_score ) {
            return 0;
        return $a_score > $b_score ? -1 : 1;
    } );

    If you want to check by other conditions (2 and 3), then in the callback function of usort, add more conditions, like this:

    usort( $teams, function( $a, $b ) {
        $a_score = get_score( $a );
        $b_score = get_score( $b );
        // Scores equal, sort by matches played.
        if ( $a_score == $b_score ) {
            $a_matches = get_matches( $a );
            $b_matches = get_matches( $b );
            // If matches equal, sort by something else.
            if ( $a_matches == $b_matches ) {
            return $a_matches > $b_matches ? -1 : 1;
        return $a_score > $b_score ? -1 : 1;
    } );
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