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    hello, when I generate a custom fileds using Metabox builder i am getting an error in PHP code when it have special chars.

    The next is a example when the code have words like:
    Pestañas, Vehículo

                    'type' => 'heading',
                    'name' => "###PESTA\xc3\x91A 1###",
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    Long Nguyen


    We've updated the Online Generator and Meta Box Builder, used the PHP Encoder to encode the Tonal Language (Pestañas, Vehículo, Tiếng Việt) and optimize the generated PHP code. It's not an error PHP code so don't worry about that.


    I don't unsderstand the soplution. Before I copied and paste the php code in my functions and it worked howeever now the especial char have strange characters. How to solved it?

    Long Nguyen


    If you use the Builder to generate the code then paste the code to the file functions.php, please re-type the name of the field. I'm going to discuss with the developer team to research and cover this case. Thank you.

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