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Support Meta Box Builder Suggestion: Duplicate field group OR change title/ID on import/export

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    Resolved pza

    Related to the issue I just posted...

    I wanted to duplicate an existing Field Group (because it had a field I cannot add to a new Field Group).

    I think this feature doesn't exist, but there is an Import/Export field group.

    I did not want to import a field group with the same name/ID (what would happen?), so I went to edit the .dat file.

    Of course when I open it, it's encrypted or otherwise not editable by me.

    To be safe here's what I did:

    • temporarily changed the existing group's Title & Slug
    • exported .dat file
    • revert the existing group's original Title/Slug
    • imported .dat file, which has the "temporary" title/slug

    This worked, and I just edited the fields in that group. BTW, the custom taxonomy field works in this "cloned" field group.


    To avoid this extra work I did, maybe

    • Provide instructions how to edit the .dat file
    • A "Duplicate field group" link would be most convenient
    • Otherwise allow Title/Slug to be changed before import
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    Anh Tran

    Hi pza,

    Thanks for your suggestion. I think this featured can be done easily with a super popular plugin:

    Use it when you develop, and then delete it when you're done.


    Thank you. I didn't know another plugin would get all the needed Field Group data

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