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    Resolved Content Pilot

    This might be a big ask, but I think for the long term stability of this project, I think it would be best to convert all plugins to use semantic versioning with Composer. Right now composer.json targets the dev-master branch instead of a specific version number. I have no idea what all breaking changes this could involve but I think it is at least worth a discussion.

    I see a few big wins for this change.
    1. The ability to lock plugins to a specific version.
    2. The ability to use composer update to get the latest copy of the repo.
    3. The ability to use composer update <package_name> to get the latest copy of a single repo. For our setup, we have a single plugin with 10 or 12 dependencies so updating all of them at once is not always an option.

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    Long Nguyen


    Thank you for your efforts but we only support the latest version of extensions by installing via Composer or downloading via User Account page.

    This topic might help you to update one package via Composer

    Content Pilot

    I understand how to work with Composer. And we use it all of the time on our projects. That is why I am making a proposal, not asking for help or support. I think Metabox would benefit from switching to semantic versioning to be more in line with Composer's best practices. I urge you to reconsider or to at least have a conversation about what it would take.

    Anh Tran


    Thanks for your suggestion. We understand the benefits of using semantic versions with Composer and it's in our list of TODOs. Currently, it relates to our CI/CD to auto deploy plugin versions to the server and also the license management, so we couldn't make big changes for now. But we'll investigate more on that and will try to do.

    Content Pilot

    Thanks, Ahn.

    That's the extra info that I needed to know about.

    Glad it's on your radar although it might not be tackled very soon.

    You can close this ticket.

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