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Support Meta Box Builder Take the PHP and Run?

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    Resolved CLOUD Meister

    Dear @ll

    As fare as i can tell i did the RTFM, but i can't find on how to work with the Builder and the Code.

    What i (hopefuly) know:
    I can create my Field etc then take the Code and put it somewhere like the function.php.

    1. But then i got the Code twice?
    2. And if i (should) delete the GUI-Code
    2a. How can i "update" my Code in the function.php via the Builder again?

    - Once i took the Code, i can't user the Builder anymore?
    -- Well, just for creating something new with the Builder and then take this Code again and update it within the function.php?

    Hope this make sence?
    thanx a lot for any help!!!!!

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    Anh Tran


    At the moment, once you take the PHP code and remove the settings from the Meta Box Builder, there's no way to edit the field group.

    In order to do so, I suggest after taking the PHP code, export the field group settings from Meta Box Builder. Then whenever you want to edit the field group, just import it back and edit.

    CLOUD Meister

    THANX A LOT!!!

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