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    Camilo Mejia

    I have a field defined this way:

      'type'       => 'taxonomy_advanced',
      'field_type' => 'select_tree',
      'required'   => true,

    And I have a tree like this:

    • Item level 1
      • Item level 2
      • Item level 2
        • Item level 3
        • Item level 3

    The problem is that with required equal true, the user can only choose one item of level 3. What I need is that the user can choose any item in the hierarchy. Without setting the field as required, the user can select any option, but I need to force the user to choose one.

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    Anh Tran

    I'd suggest not using required with select_tree as the logic is confusing. The required attribute will be applied to all select, no matter where it is and which level it has.

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