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Support General Taxonomy Field - Not saving to term_relationships

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    Resolved davidrknowles

    I have come across something weird, I used the straight Taxonomy Field as opposed to the Advanced Taxonomy Field due to its ability to sets post terms.

    I am not sure if this is an issue with having a custom table on the post type, as I found the term meta in my custom table.

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    Just released I didn't finish what I was thinking lol

    So the taxonomy field is not creating a relationship with the post and the term, I think the standard way is to write the link in the term_relationships table but this isn't happening, instead, it is writing to the custom table I have on that post type for all the meta.

    I am yet to try and see if having the table is the cause of the issue.

    Anh Tran

    Hi David,

    If you set the meta box to use a custom table, then all fields will save data in the custom table. The storage (custom table) is set for meta box, thus it applies to all its fields.


    Thanks Anh, thought this might have been the case, I have made an AJAX hack but am just trying to refine it a little and use a filter or action that passes the meta fields before it is saved to the database.

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