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Support Meta Box Group Taxonomy field not setting post term when inside Cloneable Group

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    Resolved Content Pilot

    I have a group of fields. One of them is a taxonomy field. On save, the term is not being set to the post object. Can I use the taxonomy field inside a group?

    I see the term ID being saved to the database as post_meta since the entire group is being saved as a serialized array.

    Just for troubleshooting sake, when the group is set to clone true or false and sort is set to true or false, the post term is not set.

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    Anh Tran

    Hi Clayton,

    Unfortunately, the group field saves all values of its children into 1 array, and bypass the behavior of the taxonomy field. If you want to set post terms, then it's a connection between post and terms. Therefore, a top-level taxonomy makes sense, e.g. don't put it inside a group.

    Content Pilot

    I really need this functionality so I wrote a function that runs on save_post. Hopefully is helps somebody else.

    Anh Tran

    Awesome! Thanks a lot for your contribution!

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