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Support MB Custom Taxonomy Taxonomy values disappear from CPT upon save/update

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    John Anderson

    I have a number of taxonomies connected to a CPT. They are mostly Yes/No type questions. And they are working fine except for the latest one I have just created to flag whether the CPT record applies to an Indigenous person or not.

    The Post Type is assigned to the CPT team-member. within the CPT a taxonomy field is setup and linked to the taxonomy Indigenous-person.

    If you've got a minute I've made a short video that might demonstrate more clearly what is happening and what the current settings are.

    Any suggestions about how to overcome this would be appreciated.


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    John Anderson

    It would be really great if anyone could offer me some guidance here. This problem is still a problem and I've looked at other posts in this forum but can't seem to solve this one. Thank you.

    Long Nguyen

    Hi John,

    Thank you for getting in touch.

    The problem relates to the field ID, it should have no space, no special characters, just use only numbers, letters, and underscores (and rarely dashes). Here is the current field ID

    I've just replaced the space with an underscore and you can re-save that taxonomy as well. Please read more on the documentation

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