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Support General The contents of the text field disappear after the update of the post (Polylang)

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    Hello MetaBox Team,

    I am using Oxygen Builder, MetaBox, Polylang. I've created an English version for my website, besides the Hungarian one. I've also switched from ACF to MetaBox.

    This is under my portfolio section - any of the portfolios.

    The contents of the text field disappear after the update of the post (the Hungarian version keeps it)

    All the other fields appear (almost) correctly except the client's name field.
    And I only have the issue in the English version. all other fields are ok. It is a simple text field.

    And the other question is, how can I have the elements (words) of a text area (Solutions field) field under each other, on the front end? It worked with ACF but not with MetaBox.

    The development website is here:


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    Long Nguyen

    Hi Peter,

    Can you please share the code that creates the custom field? If Polylang can translate other custom fields, it should work with the text field. You can also contact Polylang to ask for help with this issue.

    Regarding the textarea field, you can add the newline character \n or HTML tag <br> to break lines on the frontend.


    Hi Long,

    Thanks for the reply, the </br> thing is working, thank you.
    On the other issue, I use Oxygens text field with dynamic content in it, so this is the shortcode that the text element uses:

    [oxygen ct_sign_sha256='099637d4c4a1a9aa01a17250bb8723405087eba1f620810710f1fee292fda7c3' data='custom_metabox_content' include_prepend_append='yes' settings_path='Ügyfél neve' settings_page='' ]

    The weird thing is that all the other fields are working except the 'Client's' name field.
    The same field works in the Hungarian version:

    Like that:


    Long Nguyen

    In case of using Oxygen Builder, please reach to them if you have any issues with installation, configuration, compatibility, or usage.
    Refer to our support policy


    Hi Long,

    Thanks. That is why I've started my post with Oxygen Builder at the beginning. That was my 7th and 8th word. you could have saved me the time I was waiting for you. Because unfortunately, this support has not been able to help with any of my previous issues so far.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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